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Love, Mental Health, & Me

This is a personal blog dedicated to mental health. I study psychology & have been in therapy. I'm learning to love, face the scary bits & to grow into a more joyful person. Peace and love.

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It doesn't matter xx


What you feel is important and it is okay to admit you aren’t doing well. No one is 100% okay all the time and you are important enough to have your feelings expressed and listened to. You matter and so does your feelings xo


Fun little trick I learned in therapy: validation. When someone is upset, don’t try to fix the problem, point out the cause, or tell them it could be worse. Just validate their emotions. Be like, ‘shit yeah man, that sucks. I’m sorry you’re going through that. I’m here for you.’ That’s literally all you have to do to make them feel better. Thank you and goodnight.

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It’s all ingrained in us by society. Fuck society and the way that it has shaped our opinions. I think you are gorgeous.

it is soo ingrained! i feel like a hypocrite when i encourage others to accept and love themselves and i don’t do the same..

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Ahhh… I think you’re the perfect size just the way you are.

Thank you dearest, i will try to remind myself of that xox

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I second mindful-magick *hugs*

*hugs* thank you hannah 

All of you are fabulous friends 




The 5 Love Languages (Gary Chapman)

If you value communication, affection, positive support, and intimacy in your relationships, this is a great place to start. No matter the type of relationship, whether intimate partner, parent/child, friend, we all give and receive love in primary ways. Understanding how YOU give and receive love, and how the other person gives and receives love can be a vital component to support your relationship. In many ways it can make things far easier, as you aren’t spinning your wheels wasting time, effort, or money giving love in the way they don’t seem to appreciate.

Learn more and take the quiz at:

we talk about this constantly.

I realize it’s pop-y but I think the 5 love languages are a great way to conceptualize relationship structures and assist in communication. Simply taking the quiz with a partner and then discussing results can open so many doors towards facilitating relational collaboration. 


I feel like crying for no reason sometimes, and that is ok.


How can I look at some photos and think I look gorgeously slim, then look at others and think I am horrendously fat?
And besides, why do I think fat is bad and thin is good?! It’s all so stupid. I need to change my thinking.

I need people to follow …


Can y’all reblog this if you’re awesome. Preferably mental health blogs ♥

Pain meds

There is something magical and delightfully simple about pain drugs working, particularly when you are in pain a lot. Pain meds are a wonderful thing in my life and it makes me happy when they work. I feel good.


I thought forgetting would set me free, but I realize I denied myself the healing process of grieving what I’d lost, what had been taken from me, and everything in between my pain and my rage.

But now I begin this journey of restoration. I will no longer try to forget, I will instead try to make peace with my past. I will, I will try, day by day I will try to allow myself to grieve so that I can give myself the chance to finally start to heal.

Dele Olanubi (via bealightinthedark)
Day 2 of conference

Day 2 of conference

17 Effects of Bulimia on the Body
17 Effects of Bulimia on the Body


Healthline contacted me after they made this to help get the information out there. I think it’s really important, especially after learning that people know so little about eating disorders that aren’t anorexia. Example: in high school, in my health class, a girl asked the teacher if bulimia was actually “bad for you” since “you’re still eating.” The teacher had no idea whether or not bulimia was bad for a person, and the two were literally wondering if, since bulimics eat (though the food never makes it past the stomach), were they really harming themselves?

Yikes, right?

So please, if honest information about bulimia won’t trigger you, please check this information out. Whether it’s to help yourself, to help a friend, or simply to learn more, we should all be aware.

Whether it’s to help yourself, to help a friend, or simply to learn more, we should all be aware.

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looking fabulous!!

Thank you! :) *blushes furiously*


Ouchies….. Go away, I’m trying to do work :( Hmmph